Best Online Casinos in Zambia – Find Out More About it

Last updated January 3, 2023

Online casino sites in Zambia are becoming more popular each day. Casino games are currently one of the most popular and most played games online, as they bring a fortune to many players. Zambia is a country at the crossroads of Central, Southern and East Africa. It is one of the countries with the highest levels of poverty and inequality. At first, there were not many casino players in this country, but as time passed, many rich residents and visitors realised the importance which online casinos can have in their lives. In this article, you can read all about the most popular online casino web sites in Zambia as well as about the sites you should avoid.

The Best Online Casinos in Zambia – What They Can Offer?

The best online casinos in Zambia can offer the best service to their players. There are many things to take into account when you are looking for the best online casino in Zambia and some of them are game quality, welcome bonuses, promotions, terms and conditions as well as mobile app availability. Online gambling is not regulated in Zambia, which means you have to be extra careful when choosing a good international online casino. Some online casinos in Zambia seem safe and guarantee normal payouts of all winnings but that does not mean that those casinos are safe and legal. Keep reading to find out more information about recommended online casinos!

Recommended Online Casinos in Zambia

There are several really good online casinos in Zambia. Some of them are Europa casino, Casino Tropez, Spin casino… If you are wondering what makes these casinos different from the rest – do not sweat! We will give you the answer. These casinos offer the best bonuses in Zambia, as well as the fastest deposits and withdrawals. Besides that, these casinos are safe and keep your personal information secure. In the table, you can find more information about welcome bonuses, number of offered games and speed of payout of the top 5 casinos in Zambia.


Casino Welcome Bonus Offer Number of Offered Games

Speed of Payout


Europa Casino

2500 USD 1000 2 days

Casino Tropez

2500 USD


1-2 days


Spin Casino

1000 USD


1-2 days

MagicRed Casino

500 USD


1-2 days

5 Ruby Fortune Casino 750 USD 650

1-2 days

Blacklisted Online Casinos in Zambia 

Even though there are some safe and high quality casinos in Zambia, there are some that you should avoid. These internet casinos cannot be trusted as it is possible they will leak your personal information or they will never allow you to withdrawal your earned money.

One of the blacklisted online casino sites in Zambia is Planet 7 Casino. This is one of the popular blacklisted online casinos because the offer and service it provides does not satisfy most customers. The rate given to this online casino is 1.2/10. The customer service does not respond to any messages.

Best Online Casinos Zambia

Another blacklisted online casino site in Zambia is Cool Cat. The rate of this online casino is a bit higher than the rate of Planet 7 Casino, it is 2/10. However, the transactions on this website are not safe and the customer service does not respond to any messages.

Blacklisted casinos such as the two mentioned ones should be avoided by all casino players, as they can ruin your experience of playing and winning online casinos.

Gambling Facts in Zambia 

In this chapter, we will discuss some of the most popular ways of gambling in Zambia. The most popular type of gambling in Zambia is definitely sports betting and it is followed by lotto and poker, the card game. The number of online casinos available in Zambia is zero, as none are legalized. The legalization is expected in the close future. On the other hand, the number of land casinos is 11. These are some of the most popular and most visited places in Zambia. National assembly is regulated by Zambia Casino Act. The legal gambling age is 18, which means all persons who are 18 and over may play casino games.

How We Review the Best Online Casinos in Zambia? 

We rate and review online casinos in a few different ways. There are many steps to checking and deciding whether a casino is safe and should be recommended or not, and the only way to find out the truth is to do a full background check. By fully investigating the web site, including it’s software and licences, we can check out whether there is something fishy or not and we can go through all steps of our background check.

Deposit Funds and Customer Support

After creating an account, you have to be sure that the casino you’re in is very safe and that it will not misuse your personal info. To deposit funds and to withdraw them, you have to type in all your info which means it can all get stolen if it ends up in the wrong hands. Moreover, one of the most important parts of every casino is customer support. Whenever you find yourself in any troubles with online casinos, you will wish to have someone waiting for you with the solution to your problem. That is why casino support has to reply quickly and accurately.

Play Games and Cash Out Winnings

Best Casinos

We always check whether the game selection is rich and whether there are any free games. Free games are useful when you are lacking in funds or when you are just looking for some fun without needing to spend your own money. It is quite important that you can play card games just as well as slot games, and be able to equally win huge winnings in all games.

Payout Rates Audit 

It is important that the casino you choose offers many ways and methods to deposit and withdraw your money. Not all casinos offer all kinds of payment methods, which is why it is important you find your most preferred one and search for casinos which accept it.

Payout rates are quite useful in online casinos as you can measure whether it is worth to play a certain slot game at a casino or not. The same is equally important for payment methods.

Welcome Bonus Audit

And the last, but not the least – welcome bonuses. These are some of the players’ favourite things as they can enable you to play a few free games in which you can win huge prizes. But, do not forget – all free things come with a price, which is why it is important to read all terms and conditions before accepting to use or spend a welcome bonus or a bonus or promotion of any other kind.

Casino Games List and Overview 

When all steps of the reviewing process have been finished, we put together a rate for each casino. This way, our readers can simply compare the rates of each casino and decide which one is the best for them. All casinos offer different bonuses, games, payment methods, which is why it is so important to review each one on the market.

Best Online Casinos

Online Casino Games

Games are always the most entertaining part of the online casinos. Depending on your preference, you can choose which online casino suits you the most.


Slot machines have always been popular at both online and physical casinos. They offer stress-free fun with stunning graphics and entertaining animations. Slots are usually not fixed, which is why you have to rely on your luck. You can never know which game will be the winning one with casino slot machines!


Jackpot games have become quite popular at different casinos. They are also called progressive slot machines as the offered jackpots get higher over time. Payouts do not appear as often as they appear in other games, but they are certainly bigger.

Table Games

Of course, one of the most popular games in casinos are table games, which include roulette, poker, blackjack and others. All these card games require good luck as well as a bit of skill and strategy. For some card games you do not have to have any previous knowledge, but sometimes it can be quite helpful!

Bonuses and Promotions for the Zambia Players 

When joining online and physical casinos in Zambia, the first thing players are going to look for is of course, welcome bonuses and available promotions. Free casino games do not offer as much entertainment as do games played with real money, which is why most players seek to use the biggest available bonuses and promotions. Welcome bonuses usually offer bonus cash or free spins which you can use in only some casino games, usually slot games. Besides welcome offers, there are seasonal promotions depending on the global events such as different competitions or tournaments. To find out which casinos are the ones with the best welcome bonuses, it is the best to frequently visit different casino web sites and check out their sections for bonuses and promotions.

The Best Online Casino Bonuses in Zambia
Casino Welcome Bonus Playthrough No Deposit Bonus Secure Link
888 casino $200 30x Play Now
Casino Cruise $1000 40x Play Now
Betway Play Now

As you can see, the best online casinos unfortunately do not offer any no deposit bonuses, which can be used in many other global online casino sites. The welcome bonuses are not very attractive, as well. This can be due to the fact that Zambia has not yet accepted nor legalized online casinos and such work only illegally. There are physical casinos which operate legally in this country.

Real Money Gambling in Zambia – is it available?

Real money gambling has always been more popular than the free version of gambling because it is more exciting and the players can win huge amounts of money that can change their lives.

Many players in Zambia prefer money gambling over their mobile phones than on their computers. Money gambling on phone apps is simply quicker and more approachable than computer gambling and these days, not many people have the time or opportunity to waste time on computer or physical gambling.

Current Legal Situation in Zambia

Casinos in Zambia

In Zambia, there is a national lottery called the Zambian Lotto. Moreover, there is legislation for all land-based, sports betting casinos and lotteries in Zambia and they are regulated by the State Lotteries Act, the Betting Control Act and the Casino Act. The casinos that want to legally operate in Zambia, need to apply for a licence which will be valid only for five years. However, if someone wishes to operate a casino web site, that is, an online casino, they will not be subjected to any regulations. The only set rule is that all customers have to be over 18 years old.

Physical Casinos in Zambia 

There are around 35 licensed physical casino resorts only in Lusaka, and there are many more around the rest of the country. Some of the most famous ones are New Fairmount Hotel, Majestic Casino Resort and Falls Casino. Each day, new casino resorts are opening their doors and inviting customers to come, visit, and enjoy in many casino games. To play casino games at such resorts, you have to follow and respect their strict rules.

History of Gambling in Zambia

Zambia was introduced to gambling from South Africa. There was a pretty much recent boom in the land-based casino industry that came from China, which is why there are so many new casino resorts in Lukasa now. However, in Zambia, betting on all sports, both local and international, has always been popular. 


In conclusion, there are many options for gambling and playing online casinos in Zambia, but there are not many legal ways to play online casinos. Your information is safe in land-based and operated casinos, but the same cannot be said for online casinos. Therefore, if you win a huge amount of money in an online casino, the operator is not obliged to award you the money you won as the online casinos are not regulated. There are a few checked and safe online casinos that provide the best service, but if you wish to play online casinos, you can look at our selection of the best ones.


If this article did not answer all your questions about online casino sites in Zambia, here are a few more friendly asked questions and their answers. If you still have some concerns left, you can leave a comment under this article or send us an inquiry.

How can I legally play online casinos in Zambia?

The real answer is that online casino is not legal in Zambia. However, it is not directly mentioned in different laws which means you can play it, but it is not subject to any regulations. That way, if you invest a lot of money and win a lot of money, the operators do not have to give you the money since the online casino was not really legal from the beginning.

Which casino is the best one in Zambia?

There are several good casinos in Zambia, but the choice of the best one depends only on your preferences. You always have to keep in mind different characteristics, such as game selection, safety and security, payment methods and others. Not all services are the same and they will not all fulfil your wishes. Therefore, if you wish to play a casino with a great selection of card games, you have to find one that offers such thing.

Are welcome bonuses offered in all online casinos in Zambia?

Not all online casinos in Zambia offer all kinds of bonuses. There are some casinos that do not offer any kind of bonuses, which makes some casino players quite angry. If you want to use a good welcome bonus, you have to find an online casino in Zambia that offers such service.

Will I have to pay tax on my winnings in online casinos in Zambia?

Since online casinos are not regulated, you will not have to pay your taxes on your winnings in online casinos in Zambia, but do not forget to follow all rules and regulations set by legal entities in land-based casinos. Moreover, please always gamble responsibly so that you do not lose or bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Can I play online casinos on my mobile devices?

Of course you can play online casinos on your mobile devices! Not all online casinos offer this service, but those that do are quite popular. With this way of playing casino games, you can play them wherever and whenever you’d like. That means you can win money in your bedroom, kitchen or at work. Moreover, online casinos on mobile devices are great for players who wish to play online casinos and deposit money whenever they want.